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We’re inside the Douglasville Sam’s Club Optical at 6995 Concourse Pkwy, Georgia.


Vision gives us the
power to dream big!

Vision gives us the
power to dream big!

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Appointment Policy

Our office does not charge for a late arrival or a no call/no show, but we must adhere to our protocol under such occurrence. Our e-mail, text, and phone call are courtesy reminders, but ultimately, it is the responsibility of the patient to acknowledge their time and day of the appointment. We may update this policy as needed.

The appointment with our doctor is scheduled specifically for the patient, and the doctor allots a substantial time for each patient. We expect you to arrive no later than 5-10 minutes from the start of the exam. It is discourteous to the other patients when the doctor’s time is limited by your late arrival. And the doctor may have to limit your exam or reschedule for another time so as to not affect the next patient. We ask that you contact the office immediately by text/call at 770-917-2221 if you are running late.

If you have rescheduled in less than 48 hours or arrived late, we will have to make note in your chart. If you cancel another appointment, we cannot reserve any future appointments. Any appointment request made must be, at the earliest, two days in advance, according to availability.

For no calls or no shows, we cannot reserve any appointments. Appointments requests can only be determined on same day availability. We also reserve the right to not schedule any future appointments for truancy.

We have adopted our Office Guidelines to be indefinitely enforced for health and safety. Please read the Office Guidelines before your appointment.


We are open by APPOINTMENT ONLY. In order to be seen for the appointment, you must read and stay up to date on our health protocols Read Our Heath/Safety Guidelines Post…